Maryland Green School Information

Since 2008 students and staff have continued to work on our GREEN habits.  Ilchester takes pride in being certified as a MD MAEOE Green School and is excited to re-certify, sharing our hard work and accomplishments!  Under the direction of our Green School Leadership Team, we have ensured that all students, staff, and community members who are connected with Ilchester Elementary are making a difference in the community and the world around them.

Each of our grade level teams focus on environmental learning throughout the school year, both in the general education classroom, and in related arts.  We are proud of how well we integrate environmental instruction into all that we do.  Throughout our application, you will see how each child has participated in this process - from celebrating our efforts to protect our planet, to learning about environmental issues and their impact, to actions they can take to care for the world around them.  Many of the examples you will see throughout this electronic portfolio will share our students passion and excitement for all we do!  Students creating original art with an environmental focus, students reading and writing about the environment, students taking action to make a's exciting to reflect back over the years and see how many students, who were Kindergarten and first grade when we started this process 6 years ago, and how far they/we have come!

From the start of our Green Initiative, we have held many celebrations, from our Going Green Kick-Off assembly back in the fall of 2008 to celebrating Earth Day in 2014. Each year our focus remains the same, encouraging staff, students and our community to embed in their daily routine Earth friendly practices. We have gone completely to electronic communication with our staff and community through emails and advance use of social media. Our Waste Free Wednesdays promote weekly awareness of the lunches we are packing as well as being reminded of ways to be more energy efficient or limit our amount of trash. We have celebrated every step of the way and will continue to do so to maintain motivation and commitment for our cause.

Our Ilchester community has completely embraced our efforts and made adjustments to their everyday life. Numerous parents truly appreciate the electronic communications we provide to them, the encouragement to pack a waste-free lunch, and the ability to walk or ride their bikes with their children. We have formed many community partnerships with local business and experts to support our efforts. These partnerships will continue to be developed and strengthen in the coming years.

As you will see from the details and artifacts throughout our application, Ilchester Elementary has made a committed effort to "GO GREEN" and protect our schoolyard...our community...our Earth...for generations to come.  We know we are green, but we are continuing to learn and grow throughout this process.  We hope that you will recognize our commitment to green excellence and honor us again with recertifying our MD Green School status.