What is PBIS                                                                                                                                         

Ilcester Elementary School will implement a Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program by using a   School-Wide Cheetah Buck Incentive Program  and the  1-2-3 Magic Program.   The programs revolve around two types of behaviors – “start behaviors" and “stop behaviors."  The “start behaviors" describe behaviors we would like a student to start, such as working quietly, completing work, remaining on task, cleaning up their area, etc.  The “stop behaviors" are actions we want the student to discontinue or stop.  Some of these behaviors may include arguing, whining, excessive talking, distracting others, being disrespectful during class instruction time etc.

  • Cheetah Buck Start "PRRR" Behaviors

“Start Behaviors” will be reinforced using  Cheetah Bucks.  Students can earn Cheetah Bucks when they are observed demonstrating appropriate school wide “PRRR” (Persistent, Respectful, Ready, and Responsible) behaviors.  Students can earn Cheetah Bucks from any staff member throughout the building at anytime!  The students will have an opportunity to trade in their Bucks in for team/class rewards or they can put the Bucks in a School-Wide Raffle for bigger prizes from the Chester Cheetah Prize Chart. The school will have quarterly incentive events to celebrate our community of learners.

  • 1-2-3 Magic Stop Behaviors 

To address “stop behaviors”, teachers will use the 1-2-3 Magic counting method.  The key to this method is the “no-talking and no-emotion rule."  If a child demonstrates a “stop behavior”, the teacher will begin to count starting at 1, pausing and giving the child time to adjust or change their behavior, before the teacher says the next number.  During the countdown, there is no discussion or conversation between the student and teacher, eliminating power struggles and disruption to classroom instruction and learning.  If the teacher counts to the number 3, the child will then take a brief “Take 5” in a designated area of the classroom.   While the student is “Taking 5” they will complete a Stop and Think Reflection form to provide an opportunity for the student to stop, think, reflect and change their behavior.  The form will be sent home for a parent to read, sign and return to the teacher and guidance counselor.

More intense inappropriate behaviors will be handled with a Minor Incident Referral and serious inappropriate behavior will be handled with an Office Discipline Referral, which will be sent home for a parent to read, sign and return to the guidance counselor or administration.